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To get the best results we prefer files from the Adobe range, such as Photoshop and Illustrator.
PDFs and high quality jpgs can be accepted. 

Signage Programmes

If you are working in a signage program please export to an AI, EPS, PDF or a TIF. Please include any photographs or links as separate files.  

Resolution and Scale

It is always best to work at full size, with at least 120 dpi. Otherwise if the file size gets too big please work at 25% or 10% with a resolution of at least 300 dpi.  


Please convert all text to outlines. (If you require us to edit text you will need to supply us with all fonts used for the job) 


Where possible please supply us with a colour proof for us to match to, and clearly mark any pantone colours required for the job. Turn off all overprints.


There may be specific bleed that needs to be on the file. Here is a list that may help you.

Hemmed Banner - 35mm
Hemmed Banner with rope - 40mm
Hemmed Banner with Pocket - Diameter of pocket + 35mm
Rigid Prints (ACM, Corflute, etc) - 3mm
Posters - 4mm
Billboard Skins - 100mm
Retractable Stands - 10mm top, 50mm bottom
Mounted Vinyl - 5mm
Mounted Vinyl with wrapped edge - Thickness of board + 5mm
Framed Canvas - 50mm
Cut to Shape Vinyl - 2-4mm
Cut to Shape Rigid Print - 4mm  

There are always exceptions to the rules so it always pays to double check before you give us the files. 
Please supply artwork on CD, DVD, by email or FTP (please ask if you need FTP details).  

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.